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Teams and partners

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs - MDG3 Fund & FLOW Fund

Thanks to the MDG3 Fund of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, countries in Africa, NIS region and in India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Brazil could be funded. Thanks to the Flow fund from the same ministry the so called labour rights for Women projects are running between 2012-2016 in latin America, Africa and Asia.

FNV Mondiaal & CNV Internationaal

The special international trade union funds like FNV Mondiaal and CNV Internationaal funded huge projects like GLOBAL and Tusalatin. Thanks to the Global Project from FNV six countries could create a WageIndicator: Argentina, Brazil, India, Mexico, South Africa, South Korea. Thanks to CNV there are WageIndicator operations in Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Paraguay. Currently projects are financed by FNV and CNV in Central America, Asia and Africa. In Africa together with the Dutch Employers funding agency DECP.

Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

The Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has been supporting many small projects for the WageIndicator Foundation. They funded the first development of the Dutch survey and Salary Check. Later they supported research in relation to time and migrant workers. They funded the development of a Minimum Wage Check and a special web site related to Equal pay.

Europe and the WageIndicators

The European Commission funded WageIndicator projects.

Our Woliweb project is funded in the FP 6 program. Woliweb means WorklifeWeb. In this research project the concept is extended from The Netherlands to 8 other European Countries between 2004 and 2007.

The EU supports our special pay-gap project in Hungary, Belgium and The Netherlands -  ESF - Equal. Period: 2004-2007.

The EU also supports in the FP 6 program our EurOccupations project. Period 2006-2009. EurOccupations aims to build a publicly available occupations database, including information on approximately 1,500 occupations in 8 European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, UK).


OXFAM NOVIB made the initial DecentWorkCheck possible. Other donors like FNV Mondiaal and MDG3 Fund are now supporting the DecentWorkCheck as well.

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