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Teams and partners

WageIndicator Foundation Board

WageIndicator debates - Pakistan - Nicaragua - Kenya - El Salvador etc
WageIndicator team Members from all over the World
International WageIndicator Team - Global
Office Bratislava - Data - Research - Team - CELSI

Office Buenos Aires - WageIndicator Team Latin America - Tusalario, Elsalario, Misalario, Meusalario
Office Ahmedabad, WageIndicator Team Asia, Gajimu, PayCheck, Prake,,,
Office Cape Town/ Maputo/ Dar es Salaam- WageIndicator teams - Mywage, Meusalario, Votresalaire

Office Minsk - WageIndicator Team - NIS & Russia - Mojazarplata
Asia - WageIndicator teams in Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Korea
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