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WageIndicator Data Update Notes

Here the reports about the surveys are listed.

  1. WAGEINDICATOR _data_update_note_weights_2008FINL_2009ARG_20121106 (Word.docx)
  2. WAGEINDICATOR_data_update_note_CORRECTION for NACE2000 values for 2000-2010_20121018 (Word.docx)
  3. WAGEINDICATOR _data_update_note_variable_label_satsecur_20120416 (Word.docx)
  4. WAGEINDICATOR _data_update_note_JOBHIST_VARIABLE_LABEL_20120302 (Word.docx)
  5. WAGEINDICATOR_data_update_note_CORRECTION for COBETHG values for
    USA_es for 2009-2010_20120415
  6. WAGEINDICATOR_DATA_UPDATE_NOTE_hharact_20110222 (Word.docx)
  7. WAGEINDICATOR_data_update_note_ADDITION to MAPPING EDUCAT1 into EDUISCED for 2010_20111231 (Word.docx)
  8. WAGEINDICATOR_data_update_note_CORRECTION for CONTST ROUTING for 2010_20111226 (Word.docx)
  9. WAGEINDICATOR_data_update_note_CORRECTION for EDUCALMH values for BRAZIL for 2010_20111223 (Word.docx)
  10. WAGEINDICATOR_data_update_note_CORRECTION for EDUCAT1 values for ROUMENIA for 2010_20111223 (Word.docx)
  11. WAGEINDICATOR_data_update_note_CORRECTION for ISCO0804 values for AZE, UKR, and USA for 2010_20111223 (Word.docx)
  12. WAGEINDICATOR_data_update_note_CORRECTION for REGIHOM2 and regicity for ZMB for 2010_20111223 (Word.docx)
  13. WAGEINDICATOR_DATA_UPDATE_NOTE_ISCO0804_for_2010_20111223 (Word.docx)
  14. WAGEINDICATOR_data_update_note_VALUE LABELS for COBLANG1 for PAK for 2010_20111226 (Word.docx)
  15. WAGEINDICATOR_data_update_note_VALUE LABELS for EDUCAT1 for 2010_20111230 (Word.docx)
  16. WAGEINDICATOR_data_update_note_VALUE LABELS for EDUISCED  for 2010_20111229 (Word.docx)
  17. WAGEINDICATOR_data_update_note_VALUE LABELS for SURVENR for HUN and IDN_paper for 2010_20111226 (Word.docx)
  18. Explaining weights for the WageIndicator dataset_20120106 (pdf)
  19. Within country weights for the 2000-2010 WageIndicator datasets_20120106 (Word.docx)
  20. WAGEINDICATOR_data_update_note_CORRECTION BRAZIL seven ISCO0813 values for 2006-2012_20130210 (Word.docx)

  21. WAGEINDICATOR_data_update_note_correction_CAOFIRM_for_2011_20130513 (Word.docx)