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WageIndicator Custom Reports

WageIndicator Foundation  offers comprehensive industry reports on various aspects of labour markets in the countries of your interest. These reports can include analyses of wages, bonuses, working hours, gender inequalities, employee satisfaction, trade union membership, job expectations and others.

Example Reports

WageIndicator Foundation data is rich. We cover worldwide online and offline labour market surveys across a multitude of industries and countries.


You can find more details in the FAQ section.

Tailor Made reports

WageIndicator Foundation reports are custom-tailored. Whether your focus is business, government or academia, we aim to please - you tell us what labour market issues you’re interested in and we include these in our report. We spare no effort in going the extra mile to ensure the highest level of precision of our analysis in cooperation with our business and academic partners.

Check Loonwijzer - Monsterboard - WageIndex over 2011 , over  2012 - 2013 (confidential)

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