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A strong WageIndicator operation in all countries. An excellent indicator to make sure that everybody gets a fair pay under "OK" circumstances or can act fair. This includes your neighbour, your cousin and everyone, all of us together.


Share and Compare Wages, Labour Law and Career


There is a lack of of coherent labour market information, easy to access, easy to understand, full circle, independent, free of politics in many countries worldwide. The national WageIndicator websites function as online, up to date labour market libraries for workers, employers, governments, academics and media alike.


Millions of visitors shared, and still share, their wage and working conditions in order to inform colleagues and peers around the world about their working life. These people are the real participants in WageIndicator. WageIndicator makes them interact.


Global, more than 80 countries. International comparable Minimum Wages, Living Wages, actual wages, wages in Collective Agreements (CBA). International comparable Labour Laws. Providing basic knowledge for all in a labour market: trade unions, employers, both for formal and informal sector. Mapping the national labour market, specially in these countries where information is not on paper or digital.

Impact in numbers - 2014

  • 26 million Visitors on WageIndicator sites, 30 % mobile, 80 % workers/employees, 20 % (small) employers
  • 50 million - outreach in media campaign - only in the Netherlands, outreach global unknown
  • 30 000 -  Face to Face interviews in 2011-2013
  • 8 000 - Effective Complaint Forms Minimum Wages
  • 350 000 - Observations for Salary and Working Conditions
  • 100 - Committed WageIndicator team members - core team 15 team members
  • 85 - Countries with a Salary and Working Conditions Survey - one or two national national languages *
  • 75 - Countries with a Salary Check
  • 74 - Countries in the Minimum Wage Database - English and national languages
  • 25 - Countries in Collective agreement Database - National languages
  • 76 - Countries in the Labour law Database - English and national languages
  • 85 - Countries with a Cost of Living Survey - National languages
  • 49 - Countries with a Living Wage Calculation - 25 countries including numbers for the regions
  • 80 - Countries with VIPs - more than 1000 up to date VIP Incomes - National currencies
  • 23 - Countries fact finding debates - more than 5 000 participants
  • Mobile Judge wins Innovative Justice Award 2013 - NR 1
  • Wages in Context wins Innovative Justice Award 2014 - NR 3

* A national WageIndicator websites generates enough data for a Salary Check 2 years after launching


More labour market transparency for the benefit of all employers, employees and workers worldwide by sharing and comparing information on wages, Labour Law and career.

What for?

To assist individual workers and employers with real wage data during negotiations and job search. To assist workers, employers and labour inspectors with comprehensive insight in national Labour Law, and how to comply with the law. Assist individual workers and employers with problems of daily working life.

Truly global, with deep respect for different opinions and cultures. Cooperative, nice, smart, different ages, colours, educational backgrounds. A balance between global analysis and local perfection. 100 in total.

Supervisory Board of the WageIndicator Foundation:

Special advisor to the WageIndicator Foundation:

WageIndicator Foundation 

  • Director : Paulien Osse, Dirk Dragstra
  • Scientific Director : Kea Tijdens 
  • Financial manager : Tendayi  Matimba 
  • Karen Kammeraat - Projects
  • Global Content manager: Irene van Beveren
  • More about the teams

Annual Reports Wageindicator Foundation


  • " Labour law is not so easy to understand and straightforward, but this site does talk to us employees in lay-mans term, which is great. 
    I am currently a department manager in retail, I earn below the SD9 earnings threshold, does this mean I should be compensated for public holidays and sunday pay as I am not currently getting paid for this. In some weeks I work 56 hours with no overtime", visitor Mywage.co.za.
  • "Your site is extremely good!", a lawyer about Mojazarplata.by
  • "I am regular visitor of the site and would like to thank you for sharing various informative reading material which help people like me who works in HR to get updated with knowledge." Amol, about Paycheck.in.
  • “Dear Sir, yours is a very useful site, particularly for those who are at the bottom of earning norms, and therefore very helpless.” - Suneel Durv, about Paycheck.in.
  • "I have found the info very helpful. Thanks." - Sofia, about Mywage.co.za.
  • "Good site!" - Michiel, about Loonwijzer.nl.


More knowledge about and understanding of the labour market, enables informed decisions for a happier working life.


The most innovative open source techniques online. The best compatible and affordable techniques offline. Smart marketing techniques. The smartest calculations. The best wage estimations in the world, both where there is an overkill of information or nothing at all. And what do we think of using spiders or big data - strategy? We embrace it but can't use some of these technique where is no data, or where WageIndicator is the first to map wage and living information.

Lessons learned

Only a truly global, diverse team in which members respect each others knowledge can reach a high level. The balance between academics, journalists and social partners is crucial for a top quality WageIndicator operation.

Business Model Foundation - not for profit

For business: Selling data, licenses for indicators, ads space.

For government: Mapping salary structures, making collective agreements comparable. Focus on gender and law.

For development assistance: Capacity building in the world of labour.


WageIndicator Foundation is owner of the concept. The concept consist of WageIndicator websites; WageIndicator Salary and workings conditions - survey plus related Data set & Code book; Minimum Wages Database; Collective Agreement Database; Salary Checks and Calculations; DecentWorkChecks and related Data base. 

WageIndicator started in The Netherlands. Here, every worker consults the website at least once, but very often twice a year. One in five visitors is an employer. The Dutch WageIndicator is a brand. In the new WageIndicator countries like Uganda, Guinea, Burundi or South-Sudan the presence of the online library means: WageIndicator is the first to map wages. By structuring wages online, new minimum wages sooner become law. Structuring Labour Law in many countries shows first of all that the laws themselves are reasonable but secondly that compliance with the law is the real issue. Therefore WageIndicator offers compliance forms, mediation, a legal help desk and even a mobile judge.

Address & Numbers

WageIndicator Foundation, p/a University of Amsterdam/AIAS,

P O Box 94025
1090 GA Amsterdam

The Netherlands


Visiting address: Roetersstraat 25-35  |  NL - 1018 WB  Amsterdam  |  The Netherlands

Email  office@wageindicator.org .  

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