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African WageIndicator Conference - January 22-23 - Dar es Salaam
Meeting Togo - February 4-5 - 2013 - 9 countries, east and West Africa

See program. Launch of CBA database. Launch of Workplans Francophone African countries and sites Votresalaire and debates.

Meeting 7-9 November Managua 2012 - 5 countries

See program for meeting Managua 7-9 November. Aim of the meeting from debates to Campagns.

Decisions for Life final meeting Johannesburg 5-6 December 2011

The global Wage Indicator conference, celebrating the first decade of its online operations, May 12, 2011, Amsterdam.

See conference videos, documents and program

August 2010 - The Netherlands - First meeting with all regional managers

August 2010 - Meeting with regional managers from Ahmedabad, Amsterdam, Bratislava, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Minsk. Pictures.

  • Documents in - (password needed)
January 2010 and 2011 - Bratislava - Salary Check calculators meeting

Bratislava - January 7 - 8 2010

Bratislava - January 4-5 2010

  • Ducuments in (password needed)

In Capetown is the kick off meeting for Decisions for Life project in Southern Africa.Dates; 17, 18, 19/  See agenda.

The Decisions for Life project kick off meeting will be held in Amsterdam, December 8 and 9. For a detailed program.

Going Global - World Wide WageIndicator meeting April 15 and 16. Amsterdam. Our agenda.

Trade union specialists, researchers and journalists met to discuss cross-country comparative studies about working time; low pay; training; older workers; collective bargaining coverage; and work-related stress. Please find all WIBAR reports of this event at this page.

All 17 WageIndicator teams - and some fresh new teams -  met in June 2006 in Amsterdam. This was our program.

In June 2005 webmanagers from Finland, Denmark, Hungary, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Poland, Germany and Spain came together for inspiration and sharing knowledge. Impressive presentations were held by reaserchers and journalist and workshops clarified many subjects. And above all: it was great fun!

Wage measurement: a challenge. Researchers found a way when they met in Januari 2005.

July 2004. How it all started. An international gathering of researchers, webjournalistst, trade unionist, policy makers and more. Who? Well, for example prof. Richard Freeman from Harvard; Agnes Jongerius, president of the Confederation of Trade Unions in the Netherlands and Frank Hoffer, ILO. And more.

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