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With Innovative Tools Against Gender Pay Gap – WITA GPG (2014-2016)  

Funded by:

European Commission - JUST/2013/Action Grants - Specific Programme "Progress" (2007-2013) Section 5–Gender Equality (No 4000004929)


1 December 2014 - 1 December 2016

Goal of WITA GPG:

The aim of WITA GPG is to create unique information that supports trade unions in all 28 EU countries plus Turkey to negotiate Collective Bargaining Agreements that positively impact on the gender pay gap, and heightens the awareness of the general public of why the gender pay gap exists and how it can be decreased. WITA GPG shares and compares information on wages, labour law and career in EU-28 plus Turkey.

Countries of Action:

All 28 EU countries plus Turkey - outreach 21 million people.

Key Activities of the Project:


1. Analytical Activities

Data on the GPG in EU-28+Turkey will be collected from the WageIndicator web survey on work and wages, concentrating particularly on monetary and non-monetary allowances, such as extra pay, bonuses, payments in kind, social security contributions and entitlements, pay arrears, and other relevant data not available through Eurostat. This data will be analysed and reports and tools will be made for trade unions and the general public.

2. Mutual Learning, Exchange of Good Practices and Cooperation

Focusing on 3 countries, research reports will be shared and in a series of meetings possible clauses for collective bargaining agreements will be developed. The results will be shared with the European trade union movement through meetings and publications.

3. Awareness Raising, Information and Dissemination

Tailor made press releases will inform the media in all 29 countries of the results of the project. Social media strategies will pull the general public to the websites. Local media will pick up and reproduce the press releases. Focusing on the trade union movement and the general public, web tools and individual feedback forms will make the GPG a very real issue for all visitors.


Lead Partner:


Associate partners:


 29 WageIndicator websites in Europe and Turkey



Flyer Explanation of the WITA project 


Link to all 30 WageIndicator Websites related to WITA GPG


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Magyarország: a nők és férfiak bére közötti szakadék - WITA GPG - Hungary country case - 2016

Press releases:

 Gender Pay Gap in Europe - some examples.


The total outreach through WageIndicator websites, FaceBook pages, TV, radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Websites: 52.7 million in the period December 1, 2014 - December 1, 2015