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Minimum Wages in Sri Lanka - August 2011

Below mentioned minimum wage rates are applicable for the year 2013 as well.

IndustryWorker CategoryMinimum wages 
Plantation Sector    380 per day
  Plus Attendance Bonus 105 per day
  Plus productivity incentive 30 per day
 Industrial Sector Unskilled 6500-7500 per month
  Semi Skilled 7000-8000 per month
  Skilled 7500-9500 per month
Service Sector  Unskilled 6500-7500 per month
  Semi Skilled 7500-8000 per month
  Skilled 8400-9500 per month


  1. There has been no change in minimum wage rates for the year 2013. Hence the rates of 2012 shall apply.
  2. Overtime is paid at One and Half times the normal hourly rate of wage.
  3. Holiday pay for work on weekends (Sundays) and public holidays is paid for at a higher rate 1 1/2 times the daily rate or double the rate of remuneration.
  4. Bonuses e.g. project, attendance, festival would vary from company to company.
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